A poem Dedicated to My Dad, Heath Manning Jr. #Boss

This post is def #deep…Today it’s been 13 years since my Dad passed away (#BakersDozen) I’ve decided to get real #cray and share an actual #poem that I wrote 8+ years ago…Like literally. #NoFilter

My Dad was a sucker for a poem. He would never just GIVE me $10 for no reason- but if I wrote him a poem- he might even give me $15 💪🏼 Needless to say- I wrote LOTS of poems back then… (Quality is still 3rd-grade level at best!)

8 years after he died it upset me to realize days+ passed without me thinking of him 1x- as though I was starting to forget him.So I resolved to write this poem and dedicate all future #rainbows, butterflies, AND shooting stores to him (& #thehomies!) 4evermore…You should try it!!

Manning & Patterson Family Home Videos: #OldSchoolAF

Below is an epic video my Grandparents Baba & Papa made for us from old-school home videos. They are such ballers…. they put the “G” in Grandparents- This was the 1st time I got to see and hear my dad in 7 or 8 years- magical! Thanks for uploading Mom 🙂

(Click The Play Symbol To Watch)

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes


It’s been many years since I’ve seen your face
and felt the affection of your loving embrace
I spent countless days searching for ways
To light up your smile, and bask in your praise

You’ve always been my inspiration
The source that fuels my motivation
My heart would beat with anticipation
To present to you my latest creation

The day that our realms were ripped apart
It felt like a knife had split through my heart
The thought of the loss was hard to bear
Of all of the moments, we would no longer share

Of all of the words, we would never say
Of all of the debts I could never repay
My worst nightmare had finally come true
To journey through this life without you

With a heavy heart, I set off on my own,
Feeling broken, guilty, and alone.
I know that you know, but I still want to say-
That I’ve grown a lot since that day

I’m awake now, I’ve awoken from that dream
I know now that things are not as they seemed
You’re here with me now, you’ve been all along
Our bond is too deep, the roots are too strong

You’ve been with me every step of the way
Every second, every moment of every day
I no longer have to hear the sound of your voice
To know that you’re guiding my every choice

I no longer need to see your face
to know that I’m blessed with your timeless grace
Every sunset, every rainbow, every shooting star,
For a fleeting moment- there you are

Every harmonious melody that I hear,
I know and feel that you’re near

We exist in both realms you and I,
I roam this earth, and you roam the sky
I sense it within, below, and above
the ever-flowing current of your infinite love

A current of love that flows back and forth
A divine connection between heaven and earth
I’m the earthbound representation
Of your true essence in manifestation

You are the tree, and I am the flower
Your roots provide nourishment, strength, and power
I want to promise you that every day
I’ll do my best to find a way

To honor your love by continuing to do
The things you did, that made you- you
To continue to live as you would have done
And seek out the magic under the sun

To experience as much as I possibly can
To continue exploring this beautiful land
I’ll create moments we can share together.
From now til’ forever and ever’ and ever

I will never stop Sharing
I will never stop Caring
I will never stop Giving
I will never stop Living

To all of these virtues, I will try to remain true
This Dad is my promise to you <3 <3