In this post, I’m going to list 13 boujee goodie bag ideas for beach bachelorette parties. If you’re looking for inspiration for your beach themed bachelorette party, you’re in luck!  I’m in the process of creating an extensive step-by-step guide for bachelorette party planning. I’ll be covering topics like the best bachelorette party destinations, activities, themes, games, and goodie bag ideas for 2019.

13 Boujee Goodie Bag Ideas For Beach Bachelorette Parties

13 Boujee Goodie Bag Ideas For Beach Bachelorette Parties

If you’re coming to Charleston SC for a bachelorette party or girls weekend it’s in your best interest to plan an epic beach day.  As an avid beach-goer myself, I’m well aware of all of the bare necessities, practical accessories, and festive “excessories” that can make or break your beach day.  So below I’ve listed 13 boujee goodies bag ideas that would be great items to include in your bachelorette party favors.  Be sure to pick a festive theme for your bachelorette party and choose matching accessories!


  1. Insulated canteen or Cup (w/ Lid!)
  2. Reusable Straw
  3. Customized Koozies
  4. Matching Bathing Suits
  5. Sarong, Beach Cover Ups, or Robes
  6. Big Floppy Hats or Visors
  7. Beach Bach Themed Sunglasses + Croakies
  8. Flash Tats
  9. Fanny pack or Beach Bag
  10. Matching Towels
  11. Portable Battery Pack
  12. Waterproof Bag or Phone Case
  13. Sunscreen & Chapstick w/SPF


Chillaxin' on the beach is one of my favorite things to do.  In reality, you don't need anything but yourself, and maybe a bathing suit and something to sit on to enjoy it.  However, for all of you boujee babes out there- there are several things you can bring to maximize the spectacularness of your beach themed bachelorette party.


  1. Bathing Suit & Cover Up
    • A Sarong is so right.
  2. Something to sit on
    • Beach chair
    •  Towel
    •  Tapestry
    •  Sarong
  3. Cooler
    • One that rolls, or a backpack cooler would be best for trudging through the sand.
    • One filled with champagne is highly recommended.
    • OR those awesome new cans of Rose! And ice...
  4. Canteen or reusable cup w/ a lid + straw
    • Drinks get knocked over, sand gets in them, and they get mixed up when everyone uses a solo cup.
    • Re-usable cup with a lid and straw is how I roll.
    • The new insulated cups are AMAZING!
  5. Beach Games:
    • Paddle Ball
    • Corn Hole
    • Bocci Ball
    • Balls and Frisbees
    • Hoola hoops
  6. Battery Pack
    • This is good for charging phones, cameras, speakers, and other electronics.
  7. Portable speakers (fully charged)
    • The Bluetooth feature is convenient and helps protect your phone from being exposed to the outside elements, however, they tend to drain the batteries of both the speakers and phone, and sometimes they have a bad connection.  I try to use an auxiliary cord whenever possible.
  8. Camera
    • Go Pro’s are perfect for outdoor recreation, be sure to put it in a water-proof case 🙂
  9. Waterproof bag
    • This has been a lifesaver for me ever since I bought one.  I never worry about my belongings getting wet or ruined. You can find them in various sizes.
  10. Sunscreen
    • I prefer natural sunscreen brands such as Beauty Counter, or Trader Joes.
    • Headhunter is great for surfing, as it is very waterproof, durable, and you can bring it in your pocket and apply it in the ocean.  I buy the one that's tan-colored because the white one makes you look like a pale ghost.
  11. Protection From the Sun
    • Hat or visor
    • Sunglasses (polarized)
    • Sarong or coverup
    • Umbrella or Shade Structure
  12. Snacks & Drinks
    • Water or Coconut Water
    • Nuts
    • Fruit/Berries
    • Guacamole, salsa, veggies, carrots
    • Pimento Cheese or Hummus + Pretzel Chips
    • Boiled Peanuts
    • Sweet Tea (Flavored Vodka)
    • Bloody Mary Mix
    • Canned Rose or Truly’s

Beach Themed Bachelorette Party Favors

  • Pineapple Sunglasses
  • Giant Flamingo Float + Pump
  • Drink Floaties


Be sure to check back for our next post about 5 beach themed bachelorette party ideas that are perfect for Charleston SC, Folly Beach SC, and any other bachelorette party destination by the coast.

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